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Integrity, Whaaht?

By April 22, 2014January 17th, 2022No Comments

by Darlene Pawlik, NHRTL Chair of the Educational Trust Foundation. She blogs at:

Integrity, ya…it means that you don’t fall apart when someone pokes, provokes or prods you in an attempt to change or at least modify your position on an issue.

Actually, position is never a safe place to be on any issue. Just imagine with me for a moment: You must balance, standing on a yoga ball. That is what it is like to be in politics if you are a candidate. If you change your position, once you get comfortable, you will fall, but if you don’t you will find that you have exhausted all of your resources.

Real life: A candidate takes a position of 100% ProLife, No Exceptions…He builds his base with that position, but he is running out of backers, there are only so many…He decides he must increase his base, but how? By expanding and including those with other stands. He comes out and rejects the 100% model and accepts exceptions. He knows some of the base will be put off, but he figures he can replace them and still add more.

The problem? He is now wobbly.

One must stand on principle, never position. Principle is a foundational concept, not at all dependent on feelings or whim. In our current culture, Principle is thought to be too dangerous. Unlike the yoga ball, it doesn’t move. It won’t roll with the times. It won’t go forward!

It is a stable place to stand. The key is framing it, because it isn’t always attractive. As a matter of fact, it isn’t attractive at all, in some cases. Take industry, not business or even commerce. I mean individual drive and ingenuity, self reliance. It used to be a highly sought compliment, to be called industrious. But in a culture where large segments of society have been brought up on Uncle Sam’s plantation, “Go take care of yourself.” is a harsh sentence. How? With what resources?

Many people have no idea, because they have been relegated to ignorance of the greatness they possess within themselves. They don’t even know how awesome they are. The talent, the intelligence, the creativity, the strength has been ignored, if not, maligned. The public dole has covered the eyes of our countrymen.

It will take proper messaging to open the possibilities to their minds. They need only to know they can. Of course, there will be some who won’t even want to know. They’ve settled. The idea of struggling for a different life is much harder than floating down stream. But I believe with the hope and valuable Truth, people would rather earn honor than exist in mediocrity and poverty. I do think they would rather say, “I did it. I’ve earned this.” than demand someone give it to them.

I pray God would raise up the people standing on Principle and that they will properly apply the message to turn the country around. My heart breaks for people living in poverty. I grew up in great poverty, but my grandmother taught us that it was temporary. We shared housing, sometimes eight people in a two bedroom flat. I learned how to make the thinest tuna sandwiches you ever saw, but we had dignity. People need to know they can outgrow their circumstances.

Principles like: honor, industry, gratitude, creativity and truthfulness are way to prosperous living.

How do you impart your core principles to the people around you?

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