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Dem’s Hyde Intentions

By February 21, 2014January 17th, 2022No Comments

by Darlene Pawlik, NHRTL Chair of the Educational Trust Foundation. She blogs at:

New Hampshire’s democrat congresswomen advocate for abortion as part of health insurance plans.

Abortion is NOT healthcare. Healthcare implies the improvement of health by providing care.

Abortion brutally kills a tiny person with no trial, no defender and no legal protections.
ABORTION COVERAGE IN HEALTH LAW: Voting 227 – 188, the US House passed a ban on the federal subsidized insurance policies that pay for abortion from the Affordable Care Act’s state and federal marketplaces, with your tax dollars. Sort of.

Representatives Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster, both Democrats, voted against the bill. Just in case you hope that these women voted against the measure because it would comply with the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits tax dollars to kill pre born children, except in the case of rape, incest or maternal endangerment, be not deceived. These women want abortion on demand at any stage, for any reason and paid for with your money, even if they need to force it from your hands.

WOMEN’S MEDICAL PRIVACY: Voting 192 for and 221 against, the House on Tuesday defeated a bid by Democrats to prevent HR 7 (above) from violating the medical privacy of any woman, including rape and incest victims, with respect to her choice or use of a health insurance policy.

The motion addressed privacy issues that could arise as insurance companies seek to document a woman’s claim to have been raped and thus eligible for taxpayer-funded abortion coverage under the 1976 Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment destroys proLife logic. If human some babies should be protected, all should be.

The legislation would rather keep the stigma of rape victimization on the victim and keep the perception that she should kill that baby, should one be conceived of the tragic event of rape. There were no provisions for extended counseling or provision of assistance that I could find. There were no special services that would really help the survivors of rape, no, just the expectation that any child conceived by rape or incest should die and his or her death should be paid for by our tax dollars, taken from us by law.

Democrat Representative Lois Capps, from CA, said the bill would “squarely put the government, namely the IRS, in the exam room by effectively raising the taxes of those who choose an insurance plan that happens to cover abortion services.”

Obamacare has the IRS in EVERY exam room already. When the entire healthcare infrastructure fails due to the ridiculous regulations and multitude of compliance issues, the revamp will be an entirely one payer system, wherein the 15 member panel, established by our current president, will devise a utilitarian system to compliment Common Core for an ordered society. One of compliance and servitude for the masses and supreme luxury for the few.

I have read the end of the book, though. It appears that the few will call the mountains to fall on them in the end and those who have not received the free gift salvation from God.

For now, let us continue to stand against abortion. About 1% of all abortions are committed on rape or incest victims or babies with fetal anomalies. That is about 3500 babies every year. The victims of rape or incest and the parents of those imperfect babies need help, healing and support, not abortion. Let us Savethe1.

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