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If you have had an abortion and are now suffering emotionally and mentally, there is help for you.

You may be dealing with overwhelming guilt, shame, regret, fear, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and mental numbness. You may have self-hatred or suicidal thoughts.These are symptoms of PASS, Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, a form of PTSD.

You have been through a significant trauma.Your pain is valid. Society minimizes the post-abortive woman’s pain, but we understand. You need help. You need hope. You need healing and you need to learn the steps to get there. You can have peace and learn to forgive yourself.

My name is Kristen, and I was there. Please reach out. We have resources to help you. Do not let your abortion claim one more victim. You are here and you are important.

You are not alone. Please read the stories of other women who have found healing and forgiveness after their abortions.

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