2018 Proposed Legislation


HB1707  |  Title: Relative to Information Regarding Abortion
Sponsors: (Prime) Jeanine Notter
NHRTL position: This bill required pre-abortive women be provided information about the risks of abortion. NHRTL believes spreading the truth about abortion’s consequences will both help protect women and reduce the number of abortions.

HB1721 | Title: Relative to Coercive Abortions
Sponsors: (Prime) Kurt Wuelper
NHRTL position: This bill would make it a crime to coerce a woman into an abortion and require women to be screened for being coerced. NHRTL believes reducing forced abortions will both help protect women and reduce the number of abortions.

HB1787 | Title: Relative to the Rights of Conscience for Medical Professionals
Sponsors: (Prime) Kathleen Souza
NHRTL position: While this bill would not save any babies’ lives directly, medical providers need protection so they can refuse to participate in abortions. NHRTL believes providing this protection will enhance respect for the lives of the pre-born and potentially reduce abortions.


HB1680 | Title: Relative to Abortions After Viability
Sponsors: (Prime) Keith Murphy
NHRTL position: This bill prohibits post-viability abortions (which NHRTL supports) but it also includes exceptions for the [unrestrained] health of the mother; for Twin To Twin Transfer (TTS) syndrome; and for Fetal anomalies incompatible with life. NHRTL cannot support enacting law that explicitly excludes any class of humans from legal protection.

SB490 | Title: Establishing a Commission to Study End-of-Life Choices
Sponsors: (Prime) Martha Hennessey
NHRTL position: NHRTL believes any study of ‘end-of-life choices’ is an attempt to undermine the sanctity of life

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