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The Mission of New Hampshire Right to Life is to foster respect for human life from the moment of fertilization to natural death and to promote the right to life as the paramount social issue through educational, legislative, political, and other forms of lawful activity, adhering to the Life Principles, as it relates to abortion, abortifacient contraception, in vitro fertilization, suicide, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and experimentation on the human genome.

Your donation allows us to further our mission here in New Hampshire.

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Which organization?

We accomplish our mission via 3 organizations, and recommend that general donations go to the Right to Life Committee to give us the most flexibility in supporting Life. For those wishing to support pro-life political candidates, please consider our Political Action Committee. The Educational Trust as a 501(c)(3) may offer a tax deduction for some donors.

The NH Right to Life Committee 

  • Holds public rallies, peaceful protests or marches, and quiet witnesses in order to bring awareness to Life issues.
  • Seeks to influence legislation, by testimony at public hearings, by meeting with legislators, and by influencing public opinion.
  • Provides resources for educational purposes to individuals, churches, and groups.
  • Brings awareness of Life issues to the public through various media, including billboards
  • Addresses current events as they impact the right to life for individuals and segments of society in public forums.
  • Refers people in crisis or in need of resources beyond our ability to programs, agencies, and centers that will meet their specific needs.

The NH Right to Life Educational Trust 

  • Holds educational events with speakers on various issues: medical and chemical forms of abortion, abortion complications, Planned Parenthood, euthanasia, brain death, crisis pregnancy, assault pregnancy, fetal development, historical perspectives, social trends, and the Biblical value of human life.
  • Seeks to participate in educational events around our State and across the country and to encourage the promotion thereof.
  • Provides speakers for events and school functions for debate and for special circumstances where our experts can contribute to meaningful conversation in the areas of their specific expertise.
  • Addresses the misguided and often misstated opinions and teachings of the government schools and other media.
  • Maintains a library and keeps current on biotechnologies as they may or may not infringe on a person’s right to life.
  • Offers educational scholarships to graduating seniors through the Life Lights Scholarship

The NH Right to Life Political Action Committee

  • Solicits positions of candidates for office in as many of our NH races as resources allow.
  • Exposes those positions to as large an audience as we are able, by digital, print, or presentations.
  • Endorses candidates deemed worthy of support as determined by their Pro-Life assertions, efforts, and records.
  • Supplies voter guides to our members for relevant races within our State.
  • Fosters discussion and debate among candidates with occasional events.

Fundraise on Facebook

Got a birthday coming up? A great way to raise money for the New Hampshire Right to Life Educational Trust Fund is to create a fundraiser on Facebook. Whether it is for your birthday, #GivingTuesday in November, or just because, you can create a Facebook fundraiser and share it with all of your friends. Facebook will donate what you’ve raised directly to the NHRTL ETF.