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LTE: Assist life, not death.

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LTE: Assist life, not death.

Let us assist true medical care, not suicide.

Kathy Souza, one of NH Right to Life’s board members, wrote an LTE on HB1283. You can click on the link to read the full letter at the Union Leader.

State Sanctioned Suicide

HB 1283 would legalize physician-assisted suicide (PAS) in New Hampshire. Here’s what would occur if the bill passes:

  1. Doctors will decided whether or not someone is qualified to die. Criteria for this “treatment” is based on age, medical condition, expected longevity, and “whether there is undue influence”.
  2. Health professionals would prescribe a lethal medication for the patient. The individual takes the medication to end his or her life.

Concerns with Assisted Suicide

Kathy brings up several concerns with HB1283.

  1. Legalization of PAS leads to lenient allowances of who dies. Even with “safeguards” such as only allowing adults to receive the “service”, states and countries can pass more loose restrictions in the future. The Netherlands made it legal for doctors to practice euthanaisa (directly injecting lethal medication to a patient) for children 1 to 12-years-old dealing with terminal illnesses. Belgium also has a euthanaisa law, and allows foreign citizens to seek medical aid in dying.
  2. In our society, youth and veterans are the most vulnerable to suicide ideation. Laws such as HB1283 could promote the belief that human lives can be ended easily, especially to an already vulnerable population.
  3. Allowing PAS can lead to decreased compassionate medical care. Instead of treating patients with chronic conditions, physical/developmental disabilities, and mental health problems, doctors & psychologists can refer patients to PAS to “end their suffering”.

Legislation Update

The NH House of Representatives voted Ought to Pass on HB1283 with a 179-176 vote. There was a vote to reconsider the bill, but that reconsideration failed 147-210. Now, all eyes are on the Senate in the next few weeks.

The mission of NH Right to Life is to foster complete respect & utmost care for ALL human lives from conception to natural death. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with suicidal ideation, please call 988. 

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