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SB 319 Seeks to Limit Pro-Life Free Speech

By May 20, 2014January 17th, 2022No Comments
The Senate vote is scheduled for this Thursday, May 22.

freespeechThe House passed SB 319 as amended. Now it returns to the Senate for them to accept or reject the new House version. We’re extremely concerned that SB 319 will curtail the Constitutional rights of citizens to protect private businesses.

SB 319 creates 25-foot “buffer zones” around abortion clinics.

Please CALL senators and ask them to vote ‘NO’ to the House amendment for any/all of these reasons:

  1. SB 319 affects the Constitutional rights of citizens to use public property for public speech and prayer[free exercise of our religion].  Citizens have guaranteed rights to assemble, speak, and exercise their religious duties.
  2. The exercise of every person’s right to offer alternative counseling and medical services is a First Amendment activity must be protected.
  3. SB 319 protects private facilities that conduct abortions. What other private businesses will seek similar protection? Slaughter houses? Gun Shops? Strip clubs?
  4. SB 319 Requires no public hearing or even consultation with property abutters. We should insure notice is given to abutters and a public hearing held before a no linger zone, which may affect their property rights, is imposed.
  5. The Supreme Court of the US has a buffer zone case and will rule on it this term. SB 319 could be unconstitutional.

Senate Contact Info: Names that are highlighted gray voted FOR SB 319 before and we need at least three (3) of them to vote ‘NO’ this time.








David Boutin (603) 203-5391 1465 Hooksett Road #80 Hooksett NH 03106-3106
Jeff Woodburn (603) 259-6878 524 Faraway Road Dalton NH 03598-3598
Jeanie Forrester (603) 279-1459 78 Tracy Way Meredith NH 03283-3283
Molly Kelly (603) 357-5118 89 Colonial Drive Keene NH 03431-3431
Jeb Bradley (603) 387-2365 State House, Room 302107 North Main Street Concord NH 03301-3301
Sharon Carson (603) 434-2489 19 Tokanel Road Londonderry NH 03053-3053
John Reagan (603) 463-5945 53 Mt Delight Road Deerfield NH 03037-1304
Peggy Gilmour (603) 465-2336 126 Depot Road Hollis NH 03049-3049
Martha Fuller Clark (603) 498-6936 152 Middle Street Portsmouth NH 03801-3801
Nancy Stiles (603) 601-6591 1 Hayden Circle Hampton NH 03842-1165
Russell Prescott (603) 642-4243 8 Farm Road Kingston NH 03848-3848
Lou D’Allesandro (603) 669-3494 332 St. James Avenue Manchester NH 03102-3102
Sam Cataldo (603) 859-1089 120 Hornetown Road Farmington NH 03835-3835
Bette Lasky (603) 888-5557 15 Masefield Road Nashua NH 03062-2517
Jim Rausch (603) 898-0080 State House, Room 124107 North Main Street Concord NH 03301-3301
David Watters (603) 969-9224 19 Maple Street Dover NH 03820-3820
Peter Bragdon PO Box 488 Milford NH 03055-3055
Andrew Hosmer 8 Summit Avenue Laconia NH 03246-3246
Sylvia Larsen State House, Room 120107 North Main Street Concord NH 03301-3301
Chuck Morse 18 Brookhollow Dr. Salem NH 03079-3079
Bob Odell PO Box 23 Lempster NH 03605-0023
David Pierce PO Box 83 Etna NH 03750-0083
Andy Sanborn State House, Room 302107 North Main Street Concord NH 03301-3301
Donna Soucy State House, Room 105-A107 North Main Street Concord NH 03301-3301

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