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Ask Governor Hassan to VETO SB 319

By May 28, 2014January 17th, 2022No Comments
Please call Governor Hassan at 271-2121 and urge her to VETO SB 319.

The Senate passed SB 319 as amended. Now it goes to Gov. Hassan, who can sign the bill into law; allow the bill to become law without her signature; or VETO the bill.

We don’t know just when the bill will get to Gov. Hassan’s desk, there are formal procedures that take some time, but we do want her to know that we want her to VETO SB 319.

SB 319 creates 25-foot “buffer zones” around abortion clinics.

We know the Governor and we know she will take a lot of persuading. We need HUNDREDS OF CALLS to flood her office…271-2121.

When you call, please focus on your Constitutional rights to use public property for public speech and prayer [free exercise of our religion]. Citizens have guaranteed rights to assemble, speak, and exercise their religious duties.

It may take a miracle, but we serve a miracle working God.

Please Pray and call 271-2121.


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