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There were three dads who wanted their babies, but only one happy ending.

He dropped her off at Planned Parenthood Thursday morning and before he drove off he told us “I have two kids, I know what abortion is.” He wanted his baby and she knew it. When asked, “What will happen to your relationship after the abortion?” With a wave of his hand he said, “We’re done.” He drove off and we never saw him return to pick her up.

The expensive car drove into Planned Parenthood’s lot and the male passenger smiled and waved to us. He was in and out of the building several times, talked to the sidewalk advocate, and watched a video showing ultrasound pictures of a baby at 8 weeks. He was stunned to see that, yes, at 8 weeks that’s a baby. He was very polite and explained how much he wanted his baby and that he had asked her not to abort their child. After seeing the video, he went back inside and got her out of there. Before they drove off he came to the sidewalk and hugged the sidewalk counselors. He was very grateful for the information he received because it enabled him to convince her not to abort the baby.

Another couple arrived, the woman went into Planned Parenthood, but the man came over to the sidewalk and said, “I’ll take a pamphlet.” As the morning turned into afternoon, we heard his very sad story. He appeared visibly shaken as he said how much he wanted his baby. He couldn’t talk his girlfriend out of the abortion, because he was in trouble and feared he would not be around to care for his child. He was despondent and felt helpless he could not protect his child. After 2:00 pm, this now childless couple drove off.

Written by Catherine Kelley, founder of the Pray for Life Center and director of the Pennacook Pregnancy Center, both in Manchester.

Sidewalk counselors stand at the front lines and offer women and their partners resources, prayer, and unconditional love. There are prayer vigils and sidewalk counselors throughout New Hampshire. You can see when, where, and how to get involved by going here:

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