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Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood Rears Its Ugly Head – AGAIN!

By January 30, 2016January 17th, 2022One Comment

Due to the votes of courageous Executive Councilors Wheeler, Kenney, and Sununu, taxpayer funding is no longer flowing to Planned Parenthood health centers here in NH. Under the continued scandals and propaganda, the Progressives in New Hampshire are working hard to put Planned Parenthood hands BACK into your pockets. Quite amazing to be sure. There are many parts to this puzzle, so hang on.

A couple of weeks ago, a Texas grand jury, while ignoring evidence that a Houston Planned Parenthood was selling aborted baby parts, indicted David Daleiden, from The Center of Medical Progress. David Daleiden, an investigative journalist, went undercover and obtained many videos showing the abortion company was breaking state and federal laws selling aborted baby parts for profit.

Planned Parenthood has been unable to deny this evidence but has since cried “foul” bringing all their Progressive cohorts into the battle. Despite the fact that Daleiden uncovered this dirty and illegal enterprise, political forces have now seen fit to charge him, rather than investigate what these videos again and again brought to light. “The Center for Medical Progress uses the same undercover techniques that investigative journalists have used for decades in exercising our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and of the press, and follows all applicable laws,” says Daleiden. This is truly a kangaroo court.

Now, we go back to last week. The NH State House debated HJR3, a resolution seeking to investigate abortion providers and stop the taxpayer funding of abortion clinics. Sad to say, this resolution was killed in the NH House by a vote of 227 – 100. Many NH State Representatives, too many of them Republicans, handed a PR win to the abortion lobby. Some of our public servants deemed it quite acceptable for our hard-earned taxpaying dollars to flow to a scandal-ridden and possibly criminal organization. But, the bottom line is this – this “bipartisan” vote is now being used to awaken the call to AGAIN take your money and give it to Planned Parenthood. If you want to see how your representative voted go here and look up HJR3. A YEA vote means they voted to KILL this resolution, thus passively supporting the selling of baby body parts and funding once more, the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood. One-Hundred State Reps tried to do the right thing. Two-hundred-twenty-seven, – well, not so much.

But, wait – it gets better.

Now, we have a letter from Councilors Colin Van Ostern (seeking to be our new Governor – hang onto your wallets, folks) and Pappas asking “since the grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood of all accusations…”, yes, you guessed it! Our taxpayer dollars should now be allocated to FLOW BACK into the beast known as Planned Parenthood as the Daleiden case AND the NH House killing of HJR3 are total vindication of the August Executive Council vote. (Let’s not even talk about the statement that the grand jury “cleared” Planned Parenthood is a total falsehood.)

Can you say NO? I can. There have been NO inspections of abortion clinics here in NH. There is NO transparency of what is happening inside our abortion clinics or what our tax dollars have been actually supporting these past years. Rep. Kathy Souza testified, “Now, the same person from Planned Parenthood sat before our committee on Health and Human Services just last week. She stated Planned Parenthood of Northern New England does not engage in the sale of body parts. She called it ‘tissue donation.’ However, after [a] Freedom of Information Act [request from NHRTL] and a court case, which NH Right to Life won…we find that in Planned Parenthood’s application to the federal government for federal funding in 2011 … there is listed a tissue donation program. I submit we need this investigation. They didn’t tell the truth. We don’t know if they’re telling the truth now. But they told the federal government they’ve got a fetal tissue donation program. The only way to know what they’re doing with taxpayer money is to do an investigation.” Thank you Rep. Kathy Souza. You make perfect sense.

So maybe now you can see how it all works. We need to hold our Representatives accountable. This was an easy resolution to support in light of all we have seen and heard at Planned Parenthood. I find it shocking that so many in our NH House have turned a blind eye to this debate. You don’t even have to be Pro-life on this one. Just be fiscally responsible with OUR tax dollars. I say STOP FEEDING THE BEAST.

If you agree, you MUST be sure your state representatives hear from you. Our voices need to be loud and clear on this one. You can find their information at the site. Call them. Write them. Talk to them. NO MORE TAX DOLLARS TO SUBSIDIZE ABORTION. Amen to that.

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