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Say no to viability standard for fetal homicide – NO on SB 66

By January 27, 2017January 17th, 2022No Comments

Can you imagine being forced to sit in a court room to fight for your pre-born loved one who was killed during a criminal act?

Senate Bill 66 is a Fetal Homicide bill requiring a “viability” standard. 30 states in our country hold no “viability standard” in their fetal homicide laws, so why do we need a “viability standard” here in New Hampshire? The answer is WE DO NOT.

SB 66 will prohibit justice and closure to the majority of families already horribly impacted by fetal homicide.

Please contact Sen. Birdsell: and tell her NH Pro-Lifers do not accept her sponsorship of SB 66. Also, please email members of the Senate Judiciary Committee at:

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