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All citizens deserve to have their taxpaying dollars handled in a responsible way.

robidouxYou may have heard the rhetoric that peaceful, prayerful protest is no longer welcome at abortion facilities here in NH. I am sure you have heard that our state has recently instituted a potentially unlawful abortion buffer zone law which cuts at the heart of our Constitution’s First Amendment Rights.

In 2014, Governor Hassan hastily signed the abortion buffer zone law into effect. However, the United States Supreme Court, a short time later, voted down a very similar abortion buffer zone bill in Massachusetts. The NH abortion buffer zone law is now in “no enforcement” limbo as the constitutionality of this law is, naturally, being challenged in the court system. This could cost NH taxpayers millions of dollars, with the end result STILL being UNCONSTITUTIONAL! We need To REPEAL this law and support HB 403.

Tell our State Senators to respect our hard-earned tax dollars! Tell them to SUPPORT HB 403.

House Bill 403, recently passed by the NH House, and now in the state senate, would repeal this law, ensuring all NH citizens’ tax dollars would not be wasted in a sea of useless litigation.

“While some may believe violating our First Amendment rights is laudable, it is clear the Supreme Court believes otherwise. Any NH State legislator who can support this reckless and wasteful law is not responsibly serving their constituents. We must NOT spend the taxpayers’ money in this way. We MUST support HB 403 and repeal this law,” says Jane Cormier, President of NHRTL. “To do anything else, is clearly disrespecting NH taxpayers,” says Cormier.

Abortion buffer zones have been disappearing since the July 2014 Supreme Court ruling. Along with Massachusetts, Portland, Maine has repealed its buffer zone law, and the cities of Burlington, Vermont, and Madison, Wisconsin, along with New Hampshire have stopped enforcing their laws all together. These states rightly fear the constitutionality of these laws.

Let’s try to not waste our taxpayer dollars for ideological purposes. Taxpayers deserve better. Please contact your State Senator and tell them to SUPPORT HB 403 to REPEAL the Abortion Buffer law here in New Hampshire. It is clearly the ONLY responsible thing to do.

Please, contact your state senator today! Our First Amendment rights AND our taxpaying dollars are under attack!

Yours in Life,

Jane Cormier
President, NH Right to Life

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