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MFL 2013 signThis month we had two significant victories in the NH house – fetal homicide and the buffer zone repeal. The abortion statistics bill was side-stepped.

HB 560, Griffin’s Law (named for Rep. Leon Rideout’s grandson), was voted “ought to pass” 208-55. This victory demonstrates NH support for the fact that family members of preborn victims of homicide are entitled to restitution. When women who want their preborn children: are slipped an abortion drug by the father of the child (breakfast in bed may never be the same), suffer a miscarriage due to a car accident with a negligent driver (extremely common), or have their babies literally stolen out of their wombs (yes, this actually just happened), they should have legal recourse. Most importantly, this law establishes that preborn persons should have some legal rights.

The measure is long overdue; 38 other states have already enacted such laws.  Not all bills are equal, however.  Under Jeb Bradley’s pro-abortion version of fetal homicide, SB 40, the death of a preborn would not be treated as a separate crime unless the baby were already viable. Griffin’s Law, on the other hand grants babies after 8 weeks gestation and their families a chance at justice. To see a side by side comparison of Griffin’s Law and Jeb Bradley’s law, see HB 560 and SB 40. Please write to your Senators asking them to support HB 560 with NO amendments, and write to your Representatives asking them to defeat SB 40.

HB 403, the effort to legislatively repeal the buffer zone law, passed 170-159. After the US Supreme Court’s June 2014 unanimous decision in McCullen vs. Coakley to protect first amendment rights and strike down the Massachusetts buffer zone law, NH’s last ditch effort to get a buffer zone on the books before SCOTUS’s decision looked foolish at best. Since the decision, the NH buffer zone has remained unenforced. NH proponents of the buffer zone say they want to explore how NH’s buffer might be different from the unconstitutional buffer in MA before repealing. The lawsuit in MA cost taxpayers there $1.2 million. However, if the effort to legislatively repeal the buffer with this bill fails, there is already a NH lawsuit in the works. Please write to your Senators to ask them to support repeal of the buffer zone so that people may continue praying and witnessing on public sidewalks of their choosing.

HB 169, the bill requiring that NH be allowed to collect statistics on abortion practices in the granite state, has been “retained” by the HHS committee for more “work.” They did the same thing last year with this bill. Again, the HHS committee’s complaints – minor technicalities – made sure that the house will not get to see it this year. It will be brought back again for consideration next January. NH is one of only 3 states that do not collect abortion statistics. The HHS committee has 21 members. Please feel free to contact them all to request they finalize this bill and get it to the house.

As always, thank you to all who sacrifice so much to advocate for life. We can’t do it without your support.

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