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Open Letter to Senator Kelly Ayotte

By September 27, 2015January 17th, 2022No Comments

Dear Kelly,

I was one of the many pro-lifers who earnestly supported your 2010 Primary win over Ovide Lamontagne.

My name was below 10,000 letters that NH Right to Life Committee paid for and mailed to constituents in support of you over Ovide and the others in that Primary. You beat Ovide by 53,056 to 51,397
so surely that letter helped you in the closest race of your career.

Now I have to wonder why you won’t align with Ted Cruz and do what is needed to cease funding Planned Profit-hood. We shall NEVER get another chance because if their chop-shop callousness goes unanswered now, nothing in the future will ever justify revoking their taxpayer funding. Considering the under cover videos, this is a chance of a lifetime!

I suspect you won’t align with Ted Cruz and others because you are becoming part of the ESTABLISHMENT. I fear you wrongly think helping in his gallant effort at a crucial time will be interpreted as a defacto endorsement of Ted Cruz for President. I’m convinced you have been spending far too much time with the likes of compromisers like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Mitch McCompromiser.

National Right to Life is in the pocket of the GOP Establishment, who I am convinced wants to PROLONG the fight over abortion in order to keep grass roots activists involved and fighting for GOP victories with money and votes. The Democrats do the same thing with the poor, keeping them poor so they will vote Democratic. It’s despicable!

Now is the time to prove you are not cynical and treacherous like the GOP Establishment or the Democrats who expect full support regardless of action or inaction that merely preserves the status quo.

Please align with Ted Cruz and/or any leader who in any way is willing to fight and fight hard no matter where the battles lead — up to and including a government shutdown. Don’t become yet another finger-to-the-wind politician.

Be brave, Kelly, and do your best to defend moms in trouble and babies in jeopardy. You’ve done so before, e.g. in front of SCOTUS, and you can do it again. God will sort out who is blessed and who is cursed; who wins re-election and who does not.


Ed Holdgate
Former Chairman of NH Right to Life PAC
Former President of NH Right to Life

What great cause would have been fought and
won under the banner: ‘I stand for consensus?”
— Margaret Thatcher

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