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NHRTL Commends NH House Reps

By March 17, 2022No Comments

NHRTL commends the NH House of Representatives on their pro-life actions at their March 16 session.

(Concord, NH – March 17, 2022) New Hampshire Right to Life (NHRTL) commends the House on several votes at their March 16, 2022 session, which includes passing HB1080 to protect the conscience rights of our healthcare workers.

If HB1080 becomes law, NH will join 47 other states that have decided that healthcare workers shouldn’t be forced to decide between keeping their job and acting against their morals or beliefs to perform an abortion. Given the strong public support for abortion by the state’s largest healthcare system, enacting this bill would open the door for NH to recruit pro-life healthcare workers who would have otherwise avoided the state.

NHRTL also commends the House on voting to protect innocent, preborn children by:

  • Passing HB1625 (repealing unconstitutional restrictions on free speech on public property at abortion providers),
  • Passing HB1673 (amended to clarify when an ultrasound is necessary instead of adding unnecessary exceptions),
  • Tabling HB1674 (which would have codified a right to kill preborn children by their mothers for any reason).

“I thank God that the House sided with Life yesterday. Despite a lot of money being spent lobbying to push NH towards abortion extremism, like abortion until birth or continuing to allow healthcare practitioners to be fired for following a religion that forbids abortion, many legislators saw and voted for the truth. ” said Jason Hennessey, President of NHRTL.

Reacting to the thin, primarily-partisan margins on many of these bills, Jason said “Pro-lifers in NH long for the day when compassion for the most defenseless people in our society is bipartisan again.”

NH Right to Life is New Hampshire’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to the pro-life cause.

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