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NHRTL is pleased to announce their 2016 Board of Trustees and Officers. At their Nov. 14 Annual Meeting, NHRTL held elections for open positions within the board. There were five Board openings with nine prospective applicants vying to join the organization.

Newly elected NHRTL members include David Love, Derry; Jennifer Robidoux, Windham; and Julie Pawlik, Raymond.

The Board of Trustees and Officers for 2016:
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, William Smith; President of the NHRTL Committee, Jane Cormier; Vice President, Jennifer Robidoux; Secretary, Father Christian Tutor; Treasurer, William Currier; Educational Trust Fund Chair, Father Christian Tutor; PAC Chair, Kurt Wuelper.

Other Trustees include: Elizabeth Breuder, Darlene Pawlik, Dr. Robert Kaladish, Linda Gould, Julie Laughner, Jeanne M. Van Bellinghen, Michael Gagnon, Charlotte Antal, David Love, and Jason Hennessey. NHRTL 2016 Board of Trustee Alternates are: Julie Pawlik, Kurt Wuelper, and J.R. Hoell.

“We are thrilled to have such wonderful representation on the NHRTL Board of Trustees,” says Jane Cormier, President of the NHRTL Committee. “We look forward to continuing to bring our voice to Life issues here in New Hampshire through committed and varied programming. And our NHRTL Political Action Committee is ready to be active and prominent within the 2016 state election cycle,” says Cormier.

The mission of New Hampshire Right to Life is to foster respect for all human life from the moment of fertilization to natural death, regardless of age, gender, stage of development, degree of dependency, race or ethnicity or social status, without exception and to promote the right to life as the paramount issue through educational, legislative, political events and social media forums adhering to the Life Principles.

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