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NHRTL Speaks Out Against Recent Vandalism at Claremont Planned Parenthood

By October 21, 2015January 17th, 2022No Comments

New Hampshire Right to Life has issued a statement unambiguously condemning the vandalism at Planned Parenthood in Claremont.

“With regard to the recent vandalism at Planned Parenthood in Claremont, it is important to understand NHRTL’s stance and support of life can in no way tolerate or condone any unlawful activities. Unfortunately, misguided individuals will act in a way which does not represent those who actively support life, and NHRTL in no way tolerates or accepts such behavior,” said Jane Cormier, President of NHRTL.

“This being said, it should also be understood that trying to fuse the recent illegal behavior of a single individual with the prayerful and silent vigils recently held throughout New Hampshire is extremely disingenuous. To be very clear, NHRTL stands firm on the issue of Personhood for all, including the preborn. We also absolutely condemn any violent and lawless activity with regard to our stance and defense in the life debate,” said Cormier.

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