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Did The Abortion Clinic Sell Parts Of My Son? I’ll Never Know.

By October 1, 2015January 17th, 2022No Comments

So, social media is breaking the story of the confirmation of Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of aborted babies.

Here is the video, although I warn you it is very disturbing. You may not want to watch it, and even if you do, I recommend much praying beforehand. In fact, I cried when I saw it.  It is heart wrenching.

I sent it to a few people I know and they asked me if I was really surprised by it.  Some also asked why I would watch something like this. I watched it because it needs to be seen.

For me it is a conviction of the need for praying and fasting to deal with this demon of abortion. Look at what we have come to, a society where somehow we allow this kind of behavior in the name of “choice.”

I also watched it because the last I saw of my aborted son after my coerced abortion in my teens, was him being placed in a jar marked 3A. I always wondered what happened to him after that.

I would like to believe that at that time they did not do these things.  But, we were given no indication of what would happen to him, and I was too young, ignorant, and traumatized to even wonder at that time. Since then however, I have wondered many times over the years .

MemorialPerhaps I was unable to think of it before my healing, having experienced so much trauma from the entire experience, from abandonment by family to the destruction of my child in a saline abortion at 4 months. It was just too horrific to even think of before I knew the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

How does our society continue to justify this? How do truly good people continue to hide behind the rhetoric of “free choice” while millions of unborn babies are killed? How does our government, including the president who touts abortion as a good for his daughters, continue to twist this horrible procedure into something good?

I saw my dead son, believe me, there is nothing good about it.

How do we continue to deny that abortion causes damage to women, men, grandparents, siblings, and countless others as if it were no big deal? How do we make them feel they are crazy for it bothering them, as if that is something unacceptable?

Mostly, how do we live with ourselves?

It is only through the grace of God that I am able to deal with the horror of what I experienced. The grace and forgiveness that freed me from incredible evil and His continued grace that enables me to speak the truth of abortion. I am sustained by the gift of knowing my child is with the Lord and that I will meet him one day, and by the experience of the unconditional love of a God who died for my sin.

I pray those seeking the candidacy of President of the United States will listen to those who have experienced abortion and allow their voice to be heard in the coming elections. I can guarantee them there are millions of women and men sitting on their couches suffering in silence because of abortion, too afraid to come forward. I know compassion and healing will reach them because I was one of them.

It is through these people that abortion will end because they know firsthand the truth of the lies of abortion. Each year, more and more families are impacted by abortion and sadly are learning this truth.

There are a lot of terrible things going on in our world right now, but perhaps the biggest scourge on our nation is the destruction of millions of children in the name of choice. How can we expect peace? How can we expect protection if we slaughter our own children in the name of comfort, seeming convenience, or sexual promiscuity?

May we all wake up to the truth of abortion… before it’s too late.


Tb5Article written by Theresa Bonopartis. Theresa is the co-developer with The Sisters of Life of “Entering Canaan – a Sacramental Journey to an Inheritance of Mercy”, a post abortion ministry published by the United states Conference of Catholic Bishops, which consists of day retreats, weekends, monthly gatherings and special retreats. In addition to the women’s ministry she also developed, with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, specialized days for men, siblings of aborted babies and those who aborted as a result of an adverse diagnosis.

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