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Chemical Abortion threaten Women’s Health

By January 7, 2023No Comments

Note: Chemical abortion can be reversed! Head to our “Pregnancy Resource Centers” section on our reference page to learn more!  

Pharmacies and post offices will now provide dangerous chemical abortion pills to women.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to distribute chemical abortion pills through pharmacy sales. Women can purchase these pills from a certified doctor without receiving a physical examination.

How It Works

At 8 weeks LMP, the baby’s hands and feet are developing. Source: Baby Center

A woman first takes mifepristone which cuts off progesterone to the developing child, starving him or her of nutrients. The good news is that doctors can reverse the effect of the first abortion pill. If a woman takes misoprostol after, however, it forces contractions to expel her preborn child.

The FDA approved the chemical abortion pill up to ten weeks from a woman’s last menstrual period (LMP) or 8 weeks after conception.

What Is The Danger?

At 9 weeks LMP, the baby’s teeth form. Also, the heart finishes divided into 4 chambers. Source: Baby Center.

For short-term complications, mifepristone causes severe cramping, contractions, and heavy bleeding. Many women also experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and headache (1). Bleeding and spotting can occur after the abortion, usually up to 16 days. 8% of women bleed for more than a month (2). 

At least 24 women died due to complications with taking the pills. Maternal deaths usually occur due to infections or undetected ectopic pregnancies (3). Since the United States lacks national abortion statistics, the number could be higher.

What Can Be Done?

Good news does exist: the Teleabortion Prevention Act of 2021, introduced by Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) would “hold accountable medical professionals providing remote healthcare.” If passed, this bill would require healthcare providers “conduct a physical examination, be present during the chemical abortion, and schedule a follow-up visit for the patient.”

We do provide resources available for pregnant and parenting families! Head to our Women’s Healthcare Availability page and find services in your area.

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