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concordlandfillIn December of 1988, in Concord, the capital of New Hampshire, in the landfill, 50-80 bodies, dismembered and in separate containers, were found by workers at the dump. This was 28 years ago.

It was not the first time and won’t be the last that abortion vendors have treated human beings like trash. Disposal can be a problem. Medical waste, another term for child killed by abortion, is supposed to be ‘sterilized’ before discarding them. Concord Code Enforcement responded to New Hampshire Right to Life Board Member, the Honorable, Kathy Souza, with a letter calling the babies, medical waste.

These were human beings. They deserve dignity.

Kathy even got then Governor John Sununu involved but the city decided that two feet of clean debris covering the bodies was sufficient to comply with the rules for discarding the tiny human beings. The Chairman of NHRTL Committee, Marie Taylor, corresponded with the Attorney General’s office and received a dismissive letter that basically said that the Concord Obstetrics and Gynecology Professional Association would be fined a substantial amount. How much was the amount? $5,000.
Ms Taylor described the amount as ludicrous. She called it an insult to the pro-life movement and to environmentalists. They’d make that in a week, she surmised. The story was covered by the Concord Monitor at the time. The governor expressed his dismay also.

Senator Gordon Humphrey wrote a memorial poem that is read by members of NHRTL to this day at the landfill. On the Saturday prior to the national March for Life in Washington DC, New Hampshire pro-life advocates gather at 9am to bear witness to the fact that the children are there, among the refuse, without grave marker,s or an acknowledgment of their existence. Their lives do matter.

I wonder about the moms who would have read the reports at the time. Would they wonder about their babies? Were they concerned about how their little bodies were treated? Did it matter to them that the children were interned with the garbage? What would they think when the Bishop offered land for a proper burial at Mount Calvary Cemetery?

I talked with a woman this past summer who was still traumatized after almost 30 years from the abortion she endured at the insistence of her mother at the hands of the abortionist in Concord.

The Center for Medical Progress videos released an overwhelming visceral response from pro-life and pro-abortion people. The awareness of the despicable ways that the smallest and most vulnerable people were treated by abortion vendors had many women asking themselves and others what might have happened to their little one(s).

Perhaps, we have finally hit an inflection point? Could it be that the children born to the generation that unwittingly submitted to the slaughter a quarter of the next generation will stop the atrocity? Will the pro-life generation succeed? It may be that the advances in technology will finally turn the tide for them.

There will always be people with no regard for human life, but I hope for the day when they are in enough of a minority that we can enact a ban on this most barbaric practice.

There is probably a March for Life in your area. You can get involved in rescuing the nation and saving the lives, futures and families of the US in 2016. Let’s find solutions to crisis’ pregnant women face and support women and families in life affirming ways. Let’s all value all people, from their earliest beginnings to their natural end.

Reprinted with permission from The Darling Princess

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