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We Need Your Help!

HB 560 was recently amended by the NH State Senate. The NH House passed HB 560 last year as it dealt with Fetal Homicide as a simple and effective bill obtaining a legal standing and justice for a pre-born baby killed in an illegal act at eight weeks (or more) of pregnancy.

However, the NH Senate has amended House-passed HB 560 as a severely watered down version of a true Fetal Homicide law. The amendment called for the highest barrier to prosecution in the country: “Capable of sustained extra uterine viability” for the pre-born child. HB 560, as amended, would be virtually impossible to legally navigate and prosecute and it would set back efforts for at TRUE fetal homicide law here in NH.

Pro-Lifers should do whatever we can to KILL HB 560 or KILL THE SENATE AMENDMENT TO THE BILL. Unfortunately, we are hearing that REPUBLICAN senators will support this unethical bill for nothing but political maneuvering.

Please contact the following Republican Senators to voice your support in defeating the NH State Senate amended version of HB 560.

Senator Jeb Bradley: 271-2106
Sam Cataldo: 271-4063
Andy Sanborn: 271-2609
John Reagan: 271-4063
Kevin Avard: 271-4151
Chuck Morse: 271-8472
Regina Birdsall: 271-4151

Jeanie Forrester: 271-4980
Gerald Little: 271-4151
David Boutin: 271-3092
Gary Daniels: 271-2609
Russell Prescott: 271-3074
Sharon Carson: 271-1403
Nancy Stiles: 271-3093

IF THERE IS NO ANSWER, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE. Tell them a Fetal Homicide bill should not be a victim of political posturing. Tell them New Hampshire deserves to have an effective and fair Fetal Homicide law, and it is time to join the 38 other states who have a Fetal Homicide law on the books!

Yours in Life,

Jane Cormier, President
New Hampshire Right to Life

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