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August of 2012, I found myself sinking slowly off to another place while I heard the Pastor preaching. I thought to myself that there has got to be more to this life than a message from the pulpit I had heard over and over again. Have you ever felt that way? I tried really hard to stay focused, but I couldn’t help but feel that God was telling me I needed to focus solely on Him. I think we tend to busy ourselves because we think that is what we do in church. But I ask you, is it really serving or are you serving yourself? Do we ever get to know the names of people in the other pews?

I had ran the youth group. I was the outreach chair and had taught Sunday school. I also led contemporary worship. I volunteered at our church’s school during the day and still felt so empty.

I listened to the Holy Spirit and, with my husbands blessing, took the month of September off from church and church work. Every Sunday, I devoted myself to prayer and fasting and letting my soul be refreshed in the Lord. No agenda for me or for God, just spending time with him alone while the kids and my husband were at church. I loved it. Having no one complaining at church or fussing or worrying about whether there were enough pickles for fellowship hour. Quietness and stillness is what I needed.

A very respected elderly brother of Christ had asked if I would look at an application and consider praying about applying for the role of Executive Director at the Pregnancy Resource Center of the Monadnock Region in Keene. The very name was intimidating to me. So I dragged my feet. One Sunday, I remembered that application and took it out of my church bag. I looked at it and realized that the first few requirements looked like what I had been doing as Outreach Chair at church. No problem. It got into the subject of the knowledge of running a center and overseeing operations. I didn’t think that was too bad; after all, I did have 5 kids and managed my home without issue. I didn’t have the type of degree that they suggested. I had a background in nursing, but had been many years removed from that field to stay home and raise my kiddos. I said to myself, what are the chances? I will do it for George since he asked, and see what happens. They would probably laugh. But I will do it, I felt maybe God nudging me a bit.

I got the required references and met with the “then” director. I liked the reason why I would work there. Just because I had 5 children did not make me pro-life, but I had been pro-gospel and knew the difference between life and death. I obviously chose life.

As I had a few more Sundays left before returning to Church, the phone rang while at the store with my daughter. It was the board chair apologizing for calling on a Saturday. She said to me, “Evelyn, we would like to hire you for the Executive Director position.” Mind you, I had had two interviews with her and the board and I thought I had totally came on too strong and eager! But it was unanimous.

I went home and told my husband. I think I was in complete shock! I kept saying, “I’m a stay at home mom and I am not executive material; they made a huge mistake!” Little by little it sank in and I was soon the E.D of the Pregnancy Resource Center.

Let me tell you, God does not call the equipped but equips the called. I knew as soon as I stepped foot into the center that God had a plan for me at this season of my life. I am so grateful to God that I heard Him tell me to spend time with Him. I really believe He prepared me to take the PRC to another level in Him.

This September, I celebrated two wonderful yet hard years. I have worked my tail off and so has every staff member and volunteer. God built up a whole new team and even a whole new board. This definitely has been a growing season and a season to increase our faith. He reunited me with a dear sister in the Lord who became my Case Service manager. He brought a Labor and Delivery RN to be our ultrasound nurse. I have great dedicated client advocates, mentors, and prayer warriors. Our center is bathed in prayer every morning and at closing time. We have had an explosion of salvation and life decisions. We currently cover 38 towns in the Monadnock region. We see 15 year olds to 50 year olds. Our first adoption happened in August 2014. Since I have been Director my staff has had over 20 salvations and 96% of our clients have chosen life.

We do not stand in judgment, we are God’s hands and tangible grace. My staff and I love our clients and understand in order to give them God’s word we must meet their physical needs through way of free pregnancy resources. We utilize everything that is at our disposal for the gospel and present it in a fashion that every new client can feel loved and understood…from using bibles, pamphlets, bible studies, and most important the area churches that have opened up their doors to mentor our newly saved clients. We are still learning and still growing. We are averaging about 25 to 30 clients a month.

We are always in need of funding, materials and volunteers, but isn’t that where He wants us? To be fully relying on him for everything? To be the clay, and He the potter? John 10:10 has been our hope and stay.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

It reminds us that abundant life can be plentiful, over-flowing, and filled with all Jesus has for us. It is our go-to scripture verse. When that abortion minded young lady comes in, I say it to myself and it encourages me. David encouraged himself all throughout the Psalms. I want to know his word so that I can lift up my staff and myself when we are faced with those hard cases.

I can’t see myself doing anything else as rewarding as reaching out to a lost generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing lives transformed and saved. What a testimony to how the power of prayer and the word of God is life-changing! I am blessed to be part of a mission that fulfills me and make me feel like I am contributing to the Kingdom of God. I am not spinning my wheels feeling dry or underutilized. No way! God will use anything and anybody. So be careful what you pray for! I am blessed.

I wanted you all to know how I was called to this ministry. I believe it was in the works for a long time. I am so thankful I said, “Here am I Lord, use me.”

ekonigArticle written by Evelyn Konig. Evelyn has been the Executive Director of Pregnancy Resource Center of the Monadnock Region since 2012.

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