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lastAt the 40 Days for Life wrap-up on Saturday, Nov. 1, Ellen Kolbe of Cornerstone talked briefly about a project, of the Running Nuns at St. Charles Children’s Home, called L.A.S.T.

They are asking people to join with them daily in praying for people tempted to commit suicide, for those who have committed suicide, and for their families and friends. Given all the recent publicity about Robin Williams and Brittany Maynard, this is a very needed ministry. The Nuns started this project in November 2012. You can use any prayer you want or you can join the Nuns and use the prayer they composed which is below.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the gift of every human life. In the Name of Jesus we ask You to send Your Holy Spirit to each and every person from the beginning to the end of time that all may appreciate the gift of life.

We pray for all who are tempted to commit suicide that Your Spirit would convince them that they are beautiful, irreplaceable, and greatly loved.

We pray for all those who have committed suicide that Jesus, Who is outside of time, will open the fullness of His Merciful Loving Heart to each of them as they realize the terrible mistake which they have made.

We pray for all families and friends who are grieving suicides. Heavenly Father, please take all their prayers, tears, grief, love, and regrets and unite them to Your Son’s sacrificial death on the Cross. May this united Sacrifice, along with the prayers and tears of Our Mother of Sorrows, and all the Holy Angels and Saints, bring Your abundant Life to those who have died by suicide and to the people of every time and place.

We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen.

(Approved by Most Rev. Peter A. Libasci, Bishop of Manchester: 10-2-2014)

If you would like to let the Nuns know that you are praying with them you can leave them a message at:

To obtain free LAST prayer card(s), pictured above, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope to:
Sr. Mary Rose
19 Grant St.
Rochester, NH 03867

God bless,
Jim Anderson
NHRTL Trustee

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