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May 5, 2015
Concord, NH

On Wednesday, May 6, the full New Hampshire House of Representatives passed SB 40, a fetal homicide bill. SB 40 had been recently amended by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee to mirror the language of HB 560, another fetal homicide bill (Griffin’s Law) recently passed by the NH House.

HB 560 and the AMENDED SB 40 are simple, but effective bills obtaining a legal standing and justice for a pre-born baby killed in an illegal act at eight weeks (or more) of pregnancy. Both bills state the law is exempt for abortion cases.

These two bills will now pass through to the New Hampshire State Senate. “We ask our New Hampshire State Senators to support either SB 40 (as amended) or HB 560 and join the other 38 states who currently have fetal homicide laws in state statute,” says Jane Cormier, President of NHRTL.

“New Hampshire now has the opportunity to offer justice and closure to families who experience the tragedy of fetal homicide. Once this bill passes the Senate, NH families who lose a baby due to criminal activity, are one step closer to obtaining legal standing in the judicial system,” says Cormier.

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