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Press Release: NH Right to Life Praises Executive Council

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NHRTL commends the NH Executive Council for rejecting unlawful Title X contracts for abortion providers & announces list of replacement resources for women in need

Abortion lobby succeeded in getting support of NH Gov & NH HHS for illegal contracts, but NH EC stopped them!

(Concord, NH – Dec 23, 2021) New Hampshire Right to Life (NHRTL) commends the 4 New Hampshire Executive Councilors (Kenney, Stevens, Gatsas and Wheeler) who yesterday rejected illegally sending taxpayer dollars to fund abortions providers in New Hampshire at its meeting on Wed, Dec 22, 2021, despite increased pressure from the well-funded abortion lobby.

The NH abortion lobby convinced both NH Health and Human Services and Gov. Sununu to support their request for Title X funding despite the fact that the HB2 law passed earlier this year clearly forbids the state from awarding these contracts to abortion providers[0].

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England doesn’t need Title X money. According to their 2019 financial statement[1] (the most recent year available), of the $28.3m received as revenue that year, only $17.9m went to direct patient services, while $10 million went to profit, lobbying, fundraising, and administration.

In response to abortion lobby complaints that following the law will harm women’s health and force the abortion providers to raise rates on their poorest customers, NHRTL has made available as a public service a list of affordable & free health care centers and other helpful organizations for the health of women, men and their children on its website at

Title X funding reflects the healthcare system that was in place in 1970 when it was created. Today, however, under the Affordable Care Act, NH has both expanded Medicaid and subsidized health plans. This is on top of the dozens of federally-qualified health centers that provide comprehensive healthcare (not just reproductive) regardless of ability to pay, and several pregnancy centers that are completely free.

“There are many pro-life NH citizens who do not want a cent of their tax dollars going to businesses that intentionally kill unborn babies. Title X tax dollars at abortion providers promote abortion by drawing people into the facilities where they push abortion. The legislature agreed. We appreciate that the EC stood up against the vocal, well-funded abortion lobby to uphold the law.” said Jason Hennessey, President of NHRTL.

0: 2021’s HB2, Section 91:36 states “No state funds shall be awarded by the department of health and human services to a reproductive health care facility”, with a Medicaid exception.


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