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Planned Parenthood has submitted an August 5 Executive Council request for 16% funding of corporate management salaries from the taxpayers of New Hampshire. What makes this financial request even worse is this NH funding is going toward VERMONT OFFICIALS’ SALARIES. This request includes partially funding of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England’s grant writer, as well as a medical director at a salary of $208,000. It is time for Planned Parenthood to take its hands out of the NH taxpayers’ pockets!

It is interesting to note, that while Planned Parenthood may be limiting hours because of the NH Executive Council’s recent vote to decline further NH taxpayer funding, their 2014 Audit and 2014 990 tell a very interesting tale. These audits show Planned Parenthood is spending $1 million on fundraising and $1.5 million on influencing public policy.  Planned Parenthood describes this money as being spent to defeat “numerous anti-choice, anti-family planning bills across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.”  

Perhaps if Planned Parenthood was spending less taxpayer dollars in the realm of POLITICS and LOBBYING, there would be less need to limit their operational hours. It is indeed ironic that Planned Parenthood once again comes to the trough of NH taxpayers’ dollars to request additional funding to LOBBY AGAINST the very same taxpayers who have said “NO MORE FUNDING.”

The recent videos detailing Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts and organs, against Federal statute, as well as many other well-documented controversies, tell us it is time to shut off the taxpayer spigot of funding.

New Hampshire Right to Life calls on our Executive Council to once more do the right thing and say NO to these funding requests. The taxpayers of New Hampshire deserve better than to be the personal checkbook for this PRIVATE abortion provider.

Jane Cormier, President
August 29, 2015

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