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NHRTL asks you to contact your Representatives and House Leadership and DEMAND they stop giving away our hard-earned tax dollars to support abortion clinics in NH.

The current budget actually INCREASES funding to abortion facilities. Enough is enough.

If we do not stand in solidarity against this funding, MORE AND MORE of our tax dollars will continue to flow to abortion facilities.

This budget spends our money under the guise of “family planning”, but tax dollar monies are fungible. Our tax dollars are going to subsidize abortion and promote abortion lobbying groups throughout New England! Why would any pro-life legislator seek to spend our tax dollars to promote pro-choice agendas?

We need YOU to contact your legislators today. Tell your legislators to take out the funding in the current budget. Tell them not to vote to pass this budget unless the funding is removed.

To be effective in this campaign, our legislators need to hear from you now. Please don’t delay. It will just take a moment of your time.

Recently, President Trump signed a bill that allows states to withhold federal money from organizations that provide abortion services. The opportunity here is clear, and it is imperative we keep pressure on our legislators. NOW is the time to take action and direct our tax dollars to ethical healthcare providers.

Please contact your representative today and ask them to VOTE NO on the upcoming budget.  Tell them “family planning” dollars must be removed to approve this budget. Contact information is listed below. Please stand with us.

NH House Leadership Roster

NH House of Representatives Roster

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