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New Hampshire Right to Life supports a governor veto of the NH Fetal Homicide bill, SB 66.

SB 66 is a flawed bill – dangerously so. As an organization who supports having a fair and just fetal homicide law in statute, it is our hope that SB 66 will be vetoed. The process of this bill has been, at best, controversial, its language has serious issues which are not easily remedied, and as a pro-life organization, we believe a fetal homicide law should offer ALL families true justice, from conception onward,” says Jane Cormier, President of NHRTL.

“37 states currently define the killing of an unborn child as a form of homicide with 28 states defining the killing of an unborn child at any gestation as a form of homicide. New Hampshire should join these states by offering a fair and equitable fetal homicide law defining the criminal act of fetal homicide from conception onward,” says Cormier.

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