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“What can I do to save a baby from being aborted?” “How can I help?” Well, have you ever thought about becoming a sidewalk advocate? Our sidewalks are in need of more people offering support and help to the patients and workers entering the abortion facilities every day.

What is a sidewalk advocate? A sidewalk advocate is a person who is on the sidewalk offering help to the women and men as they enter the abortion facility. We advocate for the baby and provide hope to the women and men who feel abortion is their only choice. A smile and an offering of help to a woman who is about to enter the abortion facility may be all that is needed to save a life. Your presence may be the sign that makes a person turn around and leave. A friendly greeting every day and a message of hope may be what makes the abortion worker quit her job.

Any person can become a sidewalk advocate – old, young (mid-teens+), women, men, students, working or retired adults. All you need is a passion and desire to help these women and men as they enter or leave the facility. This work isn’t for everyone though. It is emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausting. It’s hard to see people walking into an abortion facility day after day. It’s hard to offer support and have insults hurled at you. I’m not gonna lie. It’s hard work. But when you have a woman take a brochure that you are offering to her, or a couple decides to go to a Pregnancy Resource Center instead of inside the abortion facility, or when a worker waves at you, that’s when you know that it’s all worth it. And sometimes you may never know the impact you have, but you do make an impact and it is worth it.

Every day there is a need for sidewalk advocates, not just on surgical abortion days. For instance, at the Planned Parenthood in Manchester, most days, women are handed pills to induce chemical abortions. And of course, birth control pills and IUDs are given out every day. Our presence on the sidewalk may make a difference to the young girl going into the facility to find out if she is pregnant. A gentle reminder that the health services that this facility offers can be found at another health clinic may make a person rethink going in for a wellness exam. And our presence on the sidewalk is not only noticed by those walking into the clinic but also those who live near-by and those that pass-by. Our peaceful, helpful presence may make one person angry but leave another with questions. And our persistent presence on the sidewalk becomes a testament to our desire and determination to end abortion in our state.

We are always in need of sidewalk advocates at each of the abortion facilities across the state. Whether you can spend a day or an hour on the sidewalk, we need you. If you are interested in learning more about sidewalk advocacy please contact Cathy at 603-206-5306 or .

Also, did you know that if a woman begins a chemical abortion, it’s not to late to reverse it? Get the full details.

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