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Reject Perverse Sex Ed Programs

By October 8, 2022No Comments

When the nation’s largest abortion vendor creates a sex-ed curriculum, parents and citizens should be concerned.

The Executive Council recently tabled – for a second time – over $600,000 in contracts for a comprehensive sex education curriculum from the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS) plans to dispense the after-school program, Get Real in Manchester and Claremont, cities with the highest teen pregnancy rates. The purpose is to reduce rates of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Get Real is a sex ed curriculum for young children. You can call your Executive Councilor and ask to reject the contracts.

Looking at parts of the curriculum, however, will leave citizens asking questions about the program’s validity in reducing sexual activity.

Excerpts from Eighth Grade Curriculum

Parents Rights in Education, an advocacy group for parents’ rights, published excerpts from a Get Real 8th-grade teacher’s manual. Remember that the curriculum is for children as young as 12 (emphasis added in bold):

  1. “Stress that any sexual behavior…should be mutually consensual” (p. 8-13). However, adolescents (12-14-year-olds expressly) cannot consent to sex in New Hampshire or other states.
  2. “Scenario: You got pretty buzzed at a party and [had] lots of fun. You’d heard [much] about oral sex but had never had it before. When the opportunity presented itself at the party, you decided you were having so much fun…why not? You figured it wasn’t [really] sex, and everyone was wasted and hooking up.” (p. 8-79) Having sex under the influence of substances poses concerns for anyone, but this is especially dangerous for adolescents.
  3. “Discuss places where teens can obtain protection methods for free or little cost. Explain that these services are confidential and do not require parental permission.” (p. 8-36) Parents involved in children’s lives would prevent them from seeking contraceptives or having sex. That is why Planned Parenthood repeatedly supports judicial bypasses for abortions and confidential medical services for minors.
The Real Dangers

Planned Parenthood (and educators teaching the curriculum) wants to entice children and young adolescents – as young as ten – to have sex, even though they are severely under the state’s age of consent. They justify it by informing children to use contraceptives to prevent pregnancies and STDs.

Children risk getting pregnant when hormonal and barrier contraceptives fail. The three main abortion facilities in New Hampshire now have a fresh batch of new clients, all without parents knowing.

How to Respond

As a parent or concerned citizen, you have a voice to reject explicit education in our schools. You can email and call your Executive Councilor and tell them to reject the contracts and protect the children.

Remember, you have until Wednesday, October 19th, to email your councilor! Make every comment count.

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