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Last week an important vote was taken in the New Hampshire State House on SB 426. This bill would have initiated a study commission to discuss “end of life” choices. I am happy to say that SB 426 was killed in a New Hampshire State House by a vote of 174 – 123. One for the good guys.

Too many people are misinformed or ignorant regarding the end-of-life debate. It is important for folks to understand how end of life “discussion” in our State House could breed the right of euthanasia. We should not go there.

It was reported last week that a sex-abuse victim in her 20s was permitted to be euthanized in Holland. Her doctors believed her PTSD was incurable, and thus supported her decision to die. Now just think about that for a second. How could any medical professional possibly condone euthanasia for such a young woman? Her emotional tribulations, though painful and overwhelming, did not erase all hope for a better future. How could these doctors presume to know with any certainty what the future might hold for her? Since when are doctors in the business of killing? Therapy, treatment, and time could prove healing. Is death the only viable solution? We have clearly lost our way.

The truth is the slippery slope of euthanasia began when we started to disregard life at its very beginning – the pre-born. When we devalue life at one end of the life spectrum, we devalue all life in its full spectrum. All the rules have been broken, so what is a life here or there? Human worth becomes subjective, rather than inherent. Lives become expendable.

When government decides to take up the discussion of end-of-life care, we know it is doublespeak for euthanasia. We should pay careful attention because once the discussions have begun about permitting doctors to kill their patients under the guise of “compassion”, we could easily find our state and our country legalizing physician-assisted suicide. We could find Americans in their twenties choosing euthanasia, or parents choosing it for their sick children, as already seen in Belgium.

Killing fellow human beings will never solve our problems. Human beings are flawed and every human being has challenges to overcome. But, life is immeasurably valuable. We must never allow our human condition, which is flawed at best, to make it acceptable to kill another human being at will.

We should always fight for life. We should never fight for death. Yes, score this one for the good guys. See how your elected officials voted.

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