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Positive decision out of Pittsburgh buffer zone case

By June 2, 2016January 17th, 2022No Comments

In an expected reversal of a previous District Court decision, the Third Circuit in Philadelphia has held that the size of an abortion buffer zone does not control its constitutionality. Pro-Life sidewalk counselors had challenged Pittsburgh’s 15 buffer zones and had their case dismissed last year. This court reversal in the Pittsburgh case is important as New Hampshire pro-life sidewalk counselors also had a District Court case dismissed earlier this year.

In addition, the NH House offered legislation in support of a repeal of the buffer zones here in New Hampshire. Planned Parenthood and several NH legislators relied upon the former Pittsburgh decision in argument against this repeal bill in the State House.

NHRTL believes that ANY abortion buffer zone is unconstitutional. Because of this recent court reversal, NHRTL encourages the First Circuit court in Boston to follow this recent Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision and find that the NH District Court was wrong to dismiss New Hampshire’s abortion buffer zone court case.

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