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Hearing scheduled for Tuesday, February 20

Please call or email committee members of Judiciary and ask that they vote to approve this bill. It will be heard in the committee this Tuesday, February 20 at 10:00 a.m. in the Legislative Office Building in Room 208. 

If you are in the medical profession please consider attending this hearing as we need doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to testify on behalf of this bill.

Please see below for more information about this bill and how to contact your representatives. Make sure you get in touch with them before Tuesday morning.

Jen Robidoux
President of NH Right to Life

HB1787| Title: Relative to the Rights of Conscience for Medical Professionals
Judiciary Committee at 10:00 AM, LOB 208
While this bill would not save any babies’ lives directly, medical providers need protection so they can refuse to participate in abortions. New Hampshire Right to Life believes medical providers have this right to refuse to participate in abortions, sterilizations, or artificial contraception and therefore need this protection. New Hampshire Right to Life believes providing this protection will enhance respect for all lives, including those lives in the womb, as well as for the lives and consciences of medical professionals.

Judiciary Committee
Secretary: Nancy Cossette
Phone: 271-3184
Researcher: Jim Cianci
Location: LOB 208

Email Committee Members
Chairman: Joseph Hagan(r)
V. Chairman: Claire Rouillard(r) 
Clerk: Sandra Keans(d)

Gary Hopper (r) Michael Sylvia (r) Robert Hull (r)
Kurt Wuelper (r) Robert Graham (r) Dan Hynes (r)
Jason Janvrin (r) John Leavitt (r) Janet Wall (d)
Timothy Horrigan (d) Paul Berch (d) Linda Kenison (d)
Charlotte DiLorenzo (d) Debra Altschiller (d)



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