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New Hampshire Right to Life was informed today of an individual who was taken away by ambulance from the Planned Parenthood facility in Manchester on Wednesday, February 21st around 12:30pm. According to eyewitnesses, this person was carried out on a gurney with a sheet covering his or her face. New Hampshire Right to Life has obtained video evidence of the person being placed into the ambulance. According to the Manchester Fire Activity Log, the call is listed as “Unknown Status.” Planned Parenthood was performing surgical abortions when this incident occurred.

New Hampshire Right to Life has many questions related to this incident. Could this person be a woman who had a surgical abortion? If so, what went wrong? Did the doctor performing the abortion make a mistake and cause injury to this woman? Is this Planned Parenthood safe? Has the state inspected this facility recently? Are they compliant with all medical and state laws and regulations? Why is this person’s face covered? Why is the Activity Log listed with the only detail as “Unknown Status?” Are the Planned Parenthood employees trying to hide something?

New Hampshire Right to Life wants to know the answers to these questions. An ambulance at a Planned Parenthood facility is disturbing. There needs to be an investigation.

New Hampshire Right to Life
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