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Praise for Dobbs decision; still work to do in NH

By June 24, 2022No Comments

NH Right to Life praises the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court
Announces resources available for mothers in need 

(Concord, NH – June 24, 2022) NH Right to Life celebrates the Dobbs decision, which allows states to resume their role as the primary protectors of life and liberty.

Now that Dobbs has overturned Roe v Wade, it is up to every state to decide how to protect the human rights of the preborn; the American genocide of almost a million preborn persons per year is over, and we now have an NH genocide of unknown proportions.

NHRTL calls on all those who value human rights to pray and work to protect the rights of the preborn here in NH.

A peaceful gathering to give thanks for the decision and to pray for the human rights of the preborn in NH will take place tomorrow (Sat, June 25) at Manchester City Hall Plaza at 5pm. It is organized by Paul Galasso.

To support mothers and their children who find themselves in a difficult situation, NHRTL also announces that it has created a list of NH maternal and women’s resources (many of them free).

“Praise God that today He has answered the prayers of many here in NH and around the world today to end oppression. What this means for NH is that it is now our decision whether to oppress the most vulnerable in our society or whether we will affirm and protect them” said Jason Hennessey, President of NH Right to Life.

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