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Planned Parenthood: Patients or Profits First?

By July 21, 2015January 17th, 2022No Comments

CKc3K1lUMAAgy6QIn the second installment of the undercover operation by the Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Medical Directors’ Council President, Dr. Mary Gatter, haggles over compensation for intact “fetal specimens”, while also making note to ask their abortionist if he can use a “less crunchy technique” to get more whole parts.

It has me wondering. How many of these undercover videos need to be released before the bias toward Planned Parenthood goes away?

The accusations against deceptive video editing to fit a narrative are going to fade now, right?

Last week, Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, vehemently denied any profiteering from body part trafficking. Now with this video, we see Dr. Mary Gatter talking about the price of aborted baby parts, saying, “If it’s still low, then we can bump it up. I want a Lamborghini.” Ha ha. That’s so funny! Yes, by all means! Buy a luxury automobile with blood money!

How are pro-abortionists going to spin that one? How does “breaking even” to cover the costs equal a $200,000 automobile? I don’t know. The math just doesn’t seem right to me.

Yes, she may have been hyperbolic about her desire for a Lamborghini. I mean, to be realistic, she probably could get a really nice Porsche.

Politics, the art of the possible.

Planned Parenthood’s immediate response to the second video release? “Anti-abortion extremists just attacked Planned Parenthood patients and doctors with false accusations yet AGAIN.”

I’m not sure how can raw video data be equated with false accusations. But Planned Parenthood seems very cunning when it comes to denying reality.

An attack on the patients? Interesting angle there, Planned Parenthood. Divert attention away from the higher-ups facilitating these negotiations of baby body part costs, and throw the patients in front of you as a red herring. Are pro-lifers doing this because we want to wage a war on women? Hmm.

These videos are not an attack on the patients, it is an attack on Planned Parenthood, the organization that does so many good things like providing mammograms (not true), ripping apart babies through abortion (true), and selling their baby parts (also true). Does Planned Parenthood care about its patients or its profits?

Planned Parenthood does not empower women. Women don’t have an abortion to feel empowered, or want an abortion “as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.”

Do you know what organizations empower women? Ones that offer practical and emotional support; empowering them to become strong mothers, or have the amazing courage and love to offer her child up for adoption. Ones that offer parenting classes and car seats, cribs, clothing. Pregnancy Help Centers do this, and WITHOUT over$500,000,000 in taxpayer funding I might add.

Can Planned Parenthood boast that they really care about women when they have quotas for abortion, when they decided to phase out their prenatal services because pregnant patients were “too cumbersome”, when the only service they offer pregnant women is abortion? So much for choice! But yes, let’s keep saying they care about women more than profits.

As more and more damning evidence is revealed, it will be interesting to see whose silence will hold out the longest: the media, the Planned Parenthood funded politicians, or the pro-abortion activists.

This would be entertaining if it weren’t so absolutely heartbreaking. Because at the heart of this whole scandal there are innocent lives being killed. More than 300,000 annually. For what? For “choice”, for “reproductive justice”, for “convenience”.

And isn’t it so utterly convenient for Planned Parenthood that the bodies of these precious ones can be treated like a profitable commodity?

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