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Councilor Prescott needs to hear from you! Vote on funding abortion providers Nov 8

By November 3, 2017January 17th, 2022No Comments

Councilor Prescott needs to hear from you before November 8

Please call Executive Councilor Prescott and tell him not to give more funding to abortion providers. Planned Parenthood is not held to any oversight regarding our tax dollars. There is no “lock box” to be sure funds are not intermingled. Money is fungible.

As a politician who claims he is pro-life and as a politician who says that he cares about the taxpayer, Prescott seems willing to spend even more of our tax dollars to abortion clinics. Hundreds of thousands of dollars more. And, for what? An organization that has undoubtedly been shown, at the very best, to be morally and ethically corrupt, if not downright criminal.

We need to keep pushing! Tell everyone you know to contact Councilor Prescott. We need to stop thinking that our voices do not matter. We need to assemble all of our pro-life supporters and have them contact Executive Councilor Prescott.

Executive Councilor Prescott
Cell: (603) 231-7822 Email:

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