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Bills to Stand Against: HB1609, SB399, & SB436

By January 17, 2022No Comments

In this week’s action alert, legislators will hear testimonies on three anti-life bills on Tuesday and Wednesday:

HB1609: It will add a rape and incest exception to the Fetal Life Protection Act. Also, it will remove the ultrasound requirement from the act, making it unenforceable.

SB399: It completely repeals the Fetal Life Protection Act, making abortion legal up until birth again.

SB436: Passing this bill would prevent any more abortion restrictions before viability (24 weeks gestation) to be passed.

Overall, New Hampshire Right to Life does not support these three bills, and we encourage you to stand up against them.


If you are available to testify in person, it is the best way to show your opposition.

On Tuesday the 18th, House HHSEA members will hear testimonies for HB1609 at 9:50 am. It will occur at the Legislative Office Building 210-211 (33 N State St, Concord, NH 03301).

On Wednesday the 19th, Senate Judiciary members will hear testimonies for SB399 at 1:00 pm and SB436 at 2:00 pm. Both sessions will take place in the State House in Room 100 (107 N Main St, Concord, NH 03303).

If you have never testified before, Leaven for the Loaf has some great tips to get you started.


You can send a testimony through email to the bills’ respective committees saying why you oppose them.

For HB1609, send an email to the House Health and Human Services & Elderly Affairs Committee ">here. For both the Senate bills, send an email to all Senate Judiciary Committee members here.

Make sure to add your contact information in the signature.


If you cannot testify in person, please state your opinion online by following these steps:

a. Click on this link for the remote House sign-up list, and this link for the remote Senate sign-up list.
b. Choose January the 18th on the calendar for HB1609, and January the 19th on the calendar for the Senate bills.
c. Choose¬†“House Health, Human Services & Elderly Affairs” and “Senate Judiciary” under “Select a committee”.
d. Choose HB1609, SB 399, or SB436.
e. State who you are representing, and click “I Oppose This Bill”.
f. Fill in your contact information and confirm your decision.

Note: If you are signing up to oppose a Senate bill, you would have to do the following steps for the other one.

Let’s protect the Fetal Life Protection Act from harm!

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