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A group of dedicated individuals have come together with a mission to help women facing unplanned pregnancies who have chosen life for their babies. Having established tax exempt status and an outstanding board of directors, they are currently in an initial phase of planning and fundraising for St. Gianna’s Place.

Named after the patron saint of mothers, unborn children, and physicians, St. Gianna’s Place will provide a temporary place of residence for pregnant mothers in need as well as educational resources and training in basic life and job skills. It will be a home that encourages self-respect and independence for pregnant mothers and their babies in a fostering, nurturing and safe environment.

Their core values include caring and helping mothers and their children through love, faith, service to others ,and community involvement; working collaboratively with similar organizations and agencies to promote life and healthy families, while striving to renew the self worth of pregnant mothers, thus bringing them joy and the hope of a bright future.

To make St. Gianna’s Place a reality, they need to raise money to purchase a house in Londonderry as well as the necessary funds for operating expenses. If you are interested in donating, please send your check to St. Gianna’s Place Inc. P.O.Box 725, Londonderry, N.H. 03053. You may also donate online at:

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