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New Hampshire Right to Life is deeply saddened that the NH Legislature refused to pass common-sense bills aimed at protecting women and our medical professionals.

HB 1707: Relative to Information Regarding Abortion and HB 1721: Relative to Coercive Abortions both aimed at providing information to women considering abortion and making sure it was their choice without being coerced into this decision. Neither bill was aimed at restricting abortion in our state. The focus of both bills was the woman seeking an abortion. Our concern is that she makes a fully informed decision without pressure or coercion. HB1787: Relative to the Rights of Conscience for Medical Professionals was written to protect the rights for medical professionals to follow their conscience when it comes to abortion and contraception. No medical professional should be made to participate in an abortion- the intentional killing of a human person in the womb. We need to respect our medical professionals’ rights. New Hampshire Right to Life believes all life should be protected, including our women and our medical professionals.

However, New Hampshire Right to Life is happy that the Senate voted down SB490: Establishing a Commission to Study End-Of-Life Choices. This study was a disguise to bring assisted suicide and euthanasia to our state. Our medical community should be helping people to live until their last breath and not helping people to die. Thank you to the 12 Senators who voted to keep death out of our state.

Lastly, New Hampshire Right to Life is happy that HB1680: Relative to Abortions After Viability was tabled. Although this bill would have banned abortion after the fetus was declared viable, it allowed for exceptions. That means that this bill would not have banned abortions at all. When we draw a line in the sand and say “no more after this line”, then we need to mean that! New Hampshire Right to Life would fully support this bill if all the exceptions were removed.

Thank you to all who contacted their legislators regarding these 5 bills that New Hampshire Right to Life was focused on. Unfortunately, this legislative session has not been fruitful for the pro-life movement here in New Hampshire. We need a more pro-life legislature.

Jen Robidoux
President of NH Right to Life

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