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NHRTL applauds Sununu’s promise to sign buffer zone repeal

By May 7, 2022May 29th, 2022No Comments

Update: this issue has received some media coverage, including the Union Leader, Granite Grok, and NH Journal.

Update 2: Gov Sununu gave into the well-funded abortion lobby and vetoed HB1625. We now recommend referring to the buffer zone law as the Sununu Sidewalk Ban. See Press Release.

NHRTL commends Gov Sununu’s commitment to sign repeal of unjust and unused buffer zone law, HB1625.
Looks forward to Gov keeping his promise.

(Concord, NH – May 7, 2022) New Hampshire Right to Life (NHRTL) commends Gov Sununu for his written 2016 campaign promise to sign a repeal of NH’s unjust abortion provider buffer zone law. Since the House and Senate have now passed HB1625, the NH pro-life community looks forward to seeing the Governor deliver on his promise by signing HB1625 into law.

In 2016, Sununu’s written promise was enthusiastically received by the pro-life community and likely influenced many voters.

Surprisingly, the Governor recently discussed veto’ing the buffer zone repeal rather than signing it.

NH’s buffer zone law (RSA 132:37-40) gives abortion businesses the ability to designate a “buffer zone” of up to 25 feet around the entrance where they are allowed to suppress free speech and peaceful assembly on public property by prohibiting “Congregating, Patrolling, Picketing, or Demonstrating”. The law is unnecessary because existing law already protects clients and workers at abortion clinics.

Given that a buffer zone has never been implemented in NH after 7 years, and that not one NH conviction was mentioned at the hearings, the law is even less necessary now than in 2016.

Jason Hennessey, President of NHRTL, said:

The Governor is faced with a choice: give in to powerful, well-funded abortion special interests, or keep his commitment and repeal a law that he clearly understood was wrong. We are grateful that HB1625 gives him an opportunity to demonstrate his integrity by keeping his promise!

The buffer zone law would oppress the speech rights of those who are trying to peacefully rescue a persecuted people group (the unborn) from oppression and offer life-affirming assistance to pregnant mothers.

Read it:

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