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Remembering Kathleen Saffian, dedicated pro-life woman

By December 18, 2017January 17th, 2022No Comments

I’ve only been active for 5 years in the pro-life community here in New Hampshire. I’ve met some wonderful and extremely dedicated people during these years, however I don’t believe I ever had the privilege of meeting Kathleen Saffian. Kathleen passed away at the end of November.

A sweet, loving and generous person, Kathleen was devoted to her family and her community. And as her family put it, “she was especially devoted to the protection of the unborn”. Even in her passing, the memory of Kathleen is still alive and still devoted to the prolife work here in New Hampshire. At her family’s request, charitable donations have been made to New Hampshire Right to Life in her name. I would like to thank each person and organization that has donated in her memory. Thank you Kathleen Saffian for your dedication to protecting the most vulnerable in our society, the preborn.

Please read about Kathleen’s life here:

Jen Robidoux
President of NH Right to Life

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