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Pro-Life Poems

By January 8, 2013May 12th, 2023No Comments

Below are a few poems written by fellow pro-lifers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

“Quiet Tears” by Bob O’Meara

Miraculous moment
One body, one soul
Conception, reception
He whispers hello

Bone of my bones
Flesh of my flesh
Two became one
One became flesh

Tree of knowledge
Tempting indeed
Precious little one
Unwelcome seed

Cradle of love
Home for awhile
Tears on a pillow
Unable to smile

Dismembered, remembered
No body, one soul
Rejected, unprotected
He whispers hello

“Here They Lie” by former US Senator Gordon Humphrey

Human remains slumber here midst filth and rotting trash.

Tiny hands and arms, meant for love’s embrace, instead were torn piece by piece from life by Dr. Mengele’s merciless machines.

Here they lie, forsaken and dirty.

These, our brothers and sisters, who yearned to grow, yearned to know the world, suffused with the primal urge to live which bore each of us through life’s first months, then years and decades.

Each began his passage as we began ours — a unique human being, unlike any other.

In the entire compass of human history never was there one like any one of these, nor can there be again.

Yes, these were human infants, for human beings only beget human beings, our own kind — human beings from the start unto the end.

Here lie the remains of helpless infants, destroyed, midst filth and rotting trash.

And here lies Mercy…

And here lies Decency…

And here lies Virtue…

And here lies Justice…

…with the children, murdered and deeply mourned.

“Fear Not” by Bob O’Meara

An unborn child
Tosses and turns
Hold onto me mommy
I am eager to learn

Pressure from many
To right a mistake
Hold onto my life
I am not a disgrace

Tiny toes tapping
Counting the days
It’s a womb not a tomb
I need your embrace

Weeping in silence
Hoping you can hear
Listen to me mommy
You have nothing to fear

For the love of God
And the whole human race
Have the courage to want me
Reach out for His grace

Feeling your heartbeat
In rhythm with mine
I know that you love me
It’s in His design

A THING WITH NO NAME by P.R. Carberry (1978)

Within this picture which bears no name, I see a loving mother crying with shame.
Nine months ago she thought, “It’s an inconvenience to carry this thing with no name. Abortion is simple, the hassles are less, I won’t think of myself nonetheless.”
But as the days went by and her body changed she learned to accept and love this thing with no name.
As the time grew near and she looked back, she began to cry because of shame. My God! My God! What I almost had done was murder my child, my firstborn son.
She thought to herself, “I am to blame, how could I have called him a thing with no name?” Forgive me my Lord, and create within me a mother’s heart as you intended to be.
I love my child so soft and so frail, how good it feels to hold him close without fail.
The sweetness of his breath, and his dependence on me, how warm and tender is my baby to me.

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