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PBS airs “After Tiller”

By September 11, 2014January 17th, 2022No Comments

In case you hadn’t heard, PBS aired “After Tiller” on Labor Day…a “documentary” that “humanizes” four of America’s most infamous late-term abortionists for the “noble” work they do. Here’s PBS’s description of the show. It goes without saying that the makers of “After Tiller” do not show the late-term abortionists elbow deep in their work…because if they had, it would have belied their claims of “compassion” for their patients and their supposedly “humane” procedures. Nevertheless PBS defended their decision to air the film (here’s PBS’s public statement and several well reasoned pro-life replies in the comments section). We are left to wonder…why was no opposing viewpoint permitted??? Even though they try not to admit there is another side to the story, PBS’s own description of the movie points right to the glaring omissions in the filmmakers’ version of the “truth.”

As PBS points out, these doctors are not the only ones offering late-term abortions. They admit that Carhart, Hern, Sella, and Robinson are “the four doctors in the United States still OPENLY performing third-trimester abortions.” Gosnell operated under the radar, as many other butchers of viable, pain-capable, preborn babies do…many completely without restriction, depending on the state laws / enforcement (NH has no legal restrictions except parental consent).

PBS also admits that “the patients who came to these doctors … were racked with guilt, sadness, anger and even ambivalence,” but claims that the motivation for the abortionists’ work is “compassion.” So why can none of these doctors seemingly find any alternatives for these women? Why must these viable babies be killed rather than delivered and given up for adoption? Perhaps, as some suggest, it is the money that drives them to do it? (They neglect to mention in the film the going prices offered for unblemished, dead-but-healthy, frozen, fully formed fetal body parts and tissues by “scientific” organizations interested in using them for everything from genetic research / creating more “human cell” lines for vaccines to creating skin creams / libido enhancers  – so that the abortionists are profiting twice off of the deaths thousands of aborted unborn children just to perpetuate the sinful lust for longevity and vitality of the lucky-to-be-born. But I digress…) Then again…perhaps it is the act of killing itself that motivates them? They say that serial killers seek out recognition for their crimes because they subconsciously wish they would be caught and stopped…instead the folks in at DHHS and other national / world “health” leaders laud abortionists because they “decrease the surplus population” (and line their pockets).

The bottom line is this is not a documentary. This is propaganda, pure and simple…with no opportunity for dissenting opinion…aired right in our living rooms…without our consent and on our dime.

The decision to air the film on a publicly funded station (heretofore to be known as Propaganda Broadcasting System) has raised the ire of many right to life groups. See here, here,  and more locally here to name a few. All called for PBS to pull the show. Since that failed, PBS has made itself public enemy #2 (perhaps second only to the Obama administration) and right to life groups have declared open season on public funding for television.

I’ve read many letters to PBS in the past few days, but when put up against Matt Walsh’s clarity and logic, it’s hard to compete.

Walsh’s own children were born premature…and he makes it clear that it is EXACTLY little preemies like his that the supposed “heroes” of “After Tiller” are killing by the thousands. There are so many of his zingers I wish I could share here. It is such a holy rant of righteous indignation that it’s hard to pick just one favorite quote, but I choose this one…

Pre-born children are denied entry. If they are inconvenient we murder them, if they are disabled we murder them, if they are unplanned we murder them, if they are too expensive we murder them, if they are sick we murder them, if they are unwanted we murder them, if they are the wrong gender we murder them. We murder them and we don’t even have the integrity to face what we are doing. We murder them for things beyond their control; things that, if they were born, we’d have to accept, tolerate, embrace, and love.

If they are sick and born, we treat them. Disabled and born, we help them. Expensive and born, we sacrifice for them. Inconvenient and born, we adjust for them. Unwanted and born, we adopt them. Unplanned and born, we change our plans for them. If they are born, in whatever state, in whatever circumstance, we care for them. We kiss them, we hug them, we feed them, we clothe them, we fawn over them, we talk about them, we look at pictures of them and our hearts are filled with joy at the sight of them.

But before birth, we treat them like cockroaches. Discarded, murdered, forgotten, ignored.

I choose this quote from Walsh’s blog precisely because it puts a human face on the stupefyingly horrific reality our collective sin. Whether we are the moms asking for abortions, the doctors doing the killing, or the people sitting at home doing nothing about it / subsidizing it…we are all complicit. As Walsh put it…

Our culture has constructed a fantastic and utterly fictitious rationale which allows us to cooperate with evil without confronting the reality of what we’re doing. This is nothing new. Germans were guilty of this, slave era Americans were guilty of it. It takes the right mixture of cowardice, selfishness, and stupidity — and, God save us, humanity has never been in short supply of these ingredients … I can tell you this: those who sit silently and condone the violent destruction of innocent children are, without question, guilty of a sin as serious as, if not more serious than, the man [Scott Roeder] who let his disgust at these crimes against humanity get the best of him [re: when he killed George Tiller].

We need to look at this film’s airing on national TV as a sign of how far wrong things have gone…especially when such a film is considered acceptable by PBS, the home of children’s programming. When I was growing up, “PBS kids” were learning about why it was important to read / brush their teeth / get to know the people in their neighborhood. It’s hard to believe the same folks that brought us Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Street, and Reading Rainbow would forsake PBS’s long tradition of quality programming in a sad attempt to paint abortion industry workers as martyrs by allowing such serial killers into our living rooms to justify their “work”!

The really scary part? They are actually boosting this as “educational.” Not only has the abortion industry invaded your homes on Labor Day weekend, but it may invade your child’s school as well:

…concerned parents should be advised that the film may soon be showing in a classroom near you. Because PBS is airing the documentary as part of its ‘POV’ series, described as ‘documentaries with a point of view,’ the network has made a ‘partner toolkit’ available and is encouraging teachers and activists to borrow the documentary and host screenings in their classrooms and communities.  The ‘toolkit’ includes publicity materials, a discussion guide, lesson plan and reading list. (

So here are your action items…

  1. You can write or call your reps and senators in DC and demand that PBS be defunded.
  2. You can actually ask questions of the film directors who seek to “humanize late-term abortionists” as well as one of those abortionists…perhaps in an effort to help them see the humanity of both of the patients…the babies AND the moms crying out for real love, acceptance and help. (Question # 1 – if late term abortion is so “humane” why don’t you show one being done in the movie? Then we could judge for ourselves…)
  3. And /or you can submit your comments about your disappointment / outrage to the PBS ombudsman here:

One thing I know for sure? I’m done with PBS. My kids can live without them and their public misinformation campaigns.

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