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I’m sure everyone is familiar with this picture of Uncle Sam. Whenever I see it, it exudes patriotism and a sense of duty. I feel called to join the fight and do all I can for the cause.

 Well, on Tuesday, November 6th, we need you to remember the preborn and the vulnerable. We need you to vote for pro-life candidates. Join the fight to end abortion. Do your part by voting for those who uphold life as the inalienable right that it is. Without your pro-life vote, pro-life legislators can’t enact pro-life laws. Each vote counts and every life matters.

Click here to know who the NHRTL PAC has endorsed or supported.

But, that’s not the only upcoming election. NH Right to Life is holding our annual meeting and We Need You!

Our Annual Member meeting, electing of officers, and monthly board meeting will be held Friday, November 9th beginning at 7:00 PM at out NHRTL office in Concord. Come help elect the NHRTL board of Trustees.

We Need

  • at least 2 Trustees
  • 3 Alternate Trustees
  • a Treasurer

What is a Trustee? – A member of the NHRTL board (15 total). We meet monthly on the 2nd Friday of the month. Each trustee is also required to be on one standing committee. Each term is 3 years in duration. If a trustee misses 5 consecutive monthly board meetings, he/she must forfeit the remainder of his/her term.

What is an Alternate Trustee? – Alternate trustees (3) fill the voting vacancies at any meeting of the trustees to maintain a quorum, subject to the requirement that they have attended the two (2) previous meetings of the trustees. Thus, alternate trustees need to regularly attend the monthly board meetings. This is a 1-year term. Alternate Trustees are not required to be on a standing committee but are welcomed to join.

What is the Treasurer? – The Treasurer is elected from the Board of Trustees, by the trustees, and is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all the funds of NHRTL and shall make an annual accounting to the Board of Trustees. Duties – bank deposits of donations; writing checks; keeping financial books; tax and secretary of state filings; monthly treasurer’s reports; maintaining budget; head of Finance committee (knowledge of Quickbooks is useful)
. 1-year term.

Now, I want you to scroll back up to the top of this email, look at that picture again, and then scroll back down to finish reading.

 We Need You! If you feel called to help then please prayerfully consider joining the NHRTL board. We need enthusiastic, passionate, and dedicated people, like you, to continue the pro-life work here in NH.

And don’t forget to come to the Annual Meeting:

Friday, November 9
7:00 PM
8 N. Main St. Suite 8
Concord, NH 03301

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