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New Hampshire Right to Life Sponsors Public Forum Thursday, Feb 6 in Manchester on Proposed Takeover of Catholic Medical Center/GraniteOne by Abortion-Provider Dartmouth-Hitchcock

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CONCORD, NH (Feb 3, 2020) – New Hampshire Right to Life (NHRTL) invites the public to a forum on Thursday, Feb 6 at 6pm to discuss the pending acquisition of Manchester’s Catholic Medical Center (CMC) by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health (DHH). Dartmouth aborts up to 5% of the pregnancies that enter their doors[1]. It will be held in the auditorium of Manchester Public Library located at 405 Pine St.
This acquisition, currently under review by the Charitable Trusts Unit[2], is against the public interest and CMC’s charitable mission:
  • Large healthcare mergers like this have resulted in 10-50% increases in prices[3] and may reduce healthcare quality[4].
  • While it is being referred to as a “combination”, DHH would permanently control the System Board, which would control CMC’s budgets, strategic plans, and more.
  • CMC’s values include “Human dignity with respect to the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death”[5].
  • Without control of their own budget or strategic plans, CMC would no longer be free to fulfill its charitable mission with all of its resources.
  • Two smaller hospitals, Huggins and Monadnock, could be forced to perform abortions by DHH.
  • The acquisition is very similar to an attempted merger 10 years ago that was denied by the AG’s office due to not keeping CMC’s charitable mission.
Panelists will include:
  • Philip Gray, J.C.L. Canon Lawyer and President of St. Joseph’s Foundation
  • Hon. Barbara Hagan and Hon. Kathleen Souza, Pro-Life activists and former State Representatives who are very familiar with both the current proposal as well as previous ones.
  • Jason Hennessey, PhD, President of NHRTL
This is an important topic for members of Southern NH to discuss and understand. All are invited to come and listen; ask questions and be informed.  The public’s voice will make a difference as to whether or not the pro-life mission of CMC and Monsignor Hevey’s vision of Catholic Medical Center will prevail. Parking is available around the library; the Amherst Street parking garage is also available. There is no charge. 
“We don’t think higher healthcare costs are in anyone’s interest. Catholics and other pro-lifers deserve to keep a pro-life hospital whose resources aren’t for the benefit of a major abortion provider. If Dartmouth is really facing an ‘existential threat’ as they claim, then they should be willing to forego the procedures most contrary to CMC’s Catholic beliefs, like the other hospitals in Granite One did.” said Jason Hennessey, President of NHRTL.
Additional information is available on NHRTL’s website:

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