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Hearings scheduled for Wednesday, January 31

HB1721 | Title: relative to coercive abortions
Judiciary Committee at 11:00 AM
This bill would make it a crime to coerce a woman into an abortion and require women to be screened for being coerced. NHRTL believes reducing forced abortions will both help protect women and reduce the number of abortions.

NHRTL: OPPOSES due to exceptions proposed
HB1680| Title: relative to abortions after viability
Judiciary Committee at 10:00 AM
This bill prohibits post-viability abortions (which NHRTL supports) but it also includes exceptions for the [unrestrained] health of the mother; for Twin To Twin Transfer (TTS) syndrome; and for Fetal anomalies incompatible with life. NHRTL cannot support enacting law that explicitly excludes any class of humans from legal protection.

Judiciary Committee
Secretary: Nancy Cossette
Phone: 271-3184
Researcher: Jim Cianci
Location: LOB 208

Email Committee Members
Chairman: Joseph Hagan(r)
V. Chairman: Claire Rouillard(r) 
Clerk: Sandra Keans(d)

Gary Hopper (r) Michael Sylvia (r) Robert Hull (r)
Kurt Wuelper (r) Robert Graham (r) Dan Hynes (r)
Jason Janvrin (r) John Leavitt (r) Janet Wall (d)
Timothy Horrigan (d) Paul Berch (d) Linda Kenison (d)
Charlotte DiLorenzo (d) Debra Altschiller (d)

Abortion Information Act – HB1707

And please continue to email and call the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee regarding your SUPPORT of HB1707.

HB1707 | Title: Relative to Information Regarding Abortion
Sponsors: (Prime) Jeanine Notter
NHRTL position: This bill required pre-abortive women be provided information about the risks of abortion. NHRTL believes spreading the truth about abortion’s consequences will both help protect women and reduce the number of abortions.


Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee
Dottie McDonnell
Phone: 271-3589
David Bates
LOB 205

Committee Members: Email Committee Members
Chairman:Frank Kotowski(r)
V. Chairman:Donald LeBrun(r)
Clerk:Bill Nelson(r)

Charles McMahon (r) Joseph Guthrie (r) Daniel Donovan (r)
John Fothergill (r) Martin Bove (r) Mariellen MacKay (r)
Jess Edwards (r) Jim Fedolfi (r) William Marsh (r)
Mark Pearson (r) James MacKay (d) Mary Freitas (d)
Lucy Weber (d) Pamela Gordon (d) Jerry Knirk (d)
Mindi Messmer (d) Jeffrey Salloway (d) Polly Campion (d)
Jessica Ayala (d)

 HB1503 (lowering age of medical consent) Update

HB1503 | Title: Authorizing minors 16 years of age or older to independently consent to medical procedures

At the hearing this past Wednesday, the committee found it inexpedient to legislate. As all NH bills do, it will go to the full House for a vote. This bill should be killed (inexpedient to legislate) there. Thank you for all who contacted the members of the committee.

To Contact your State Representative:

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Go to:
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