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ACTION ALERT. The House in scheduled to vote on the abortion statistics bill tomorrow (Thursday, March 7). Contact your state representatives: ask them to overturn the committee recommendation of “inexpedient to legislate,” and instead vote “ought to pass”.

Find and Contact Your Representative

Did you know that abortions are legal, unrestricted, and unregulated throughout all 40 weeks of pregnancy in New Hampshire? However, we have no idea how many preborn babies are aborted, how many doctors perform abortions, or what the rate of post-abortion complications are because NH does not collect these statistics. Contact your reps ASAP!

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  • Sarah P. Lloyd says:

    The supreme court decided in the Dred Scott case that African-Americans were not people but property. In the row versus Wade case they decided that humans inside the womb are not humans.

    Today New Hampshire decides whether or not the Supreme Court always makes the right decisions. You can at least count slaves or abortions and stand on the right side of history.

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