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Tell Governor Sununu that he should veto HB685, which mandates that health insurance policies that provide maternity benefits also cover abortion.

  • An abortion insurance mandate violates the conscience rights and religious freedoms of pro-life Granite Staters by forcing them to pay for abortions!
  • HB685 would be a gross violation of our NH Constitution protections of both conscience rights (Part I, Art 4) and religious freedom (Part I, Art 5).
  • Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion, the intentional killing of a pre-born person, is never morally acceptable and is forbidden by the Hippocratic Oath. Medical treatments, intended to save a mother’s life, that cause the baby to die are already considered healthcare.
  • No one seeking health insurance for herself or her family should find herself without abortion-free options.
  • Abortion is already covered under almost all health insurance plans sold in NH. No one should be forced help pay for abortion. No employer or individual should be forced to participate in abortions through insurance premiums.
  • Religious and faith-based employers with strong convictions would face a horrible choice between paying for abortions or not covering maternity.
  • The Governor opposed taxpayer-funding of abortion while on the campaign trail.
and tell him to protect your conscience right’s and your religious freedom and to remind him of his opposition to taxpayer-funded abortion. Veto HB 685!

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