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NHRTL Calls For NH State Senate to Support Pro-Life Bills

On Thursday, May 14, the New Hampshire State Senate will be taking up two important bills. HB 403 would repeal the current unconstitutional Abortion Buffer Zone law here in NH. This bill passed the NH House and NHRTL is calling for our State Senate to support this repeal.

In July 2014, the US Supreme Court voted down the Massachusetts Buffer Zone law as unconstitutional. The NH law is strikingly similar and is already being challenged in the court system. By repealing this law, the NH State Senate would save the NH taxpayer potentially millions of dollars in litigation costs while supporting our First Amendment rights.

In addition, the Senate will be voting on HB 560, a fair and just Fetal Homicide bill which has now passed the NH House of Representative TWICE. HB 560 and the AMENDED SB 40 allow families who have been victimized by the horror of Fetal Homicide, the ability to find justice and closure with its passage.

38 states currently have Fetal Homicide bills on statute, giving families a legal entity for which to
seek justice for the CRIMINAL killing of a baby. HB 560 would take effect beginning at eight weeks of pregnancy while exempting abortion from the law. It is time New Hampshire join those 38 states and
offer our families a reasonable Fetal Homicide law.

Please contact your Senator today and tell them to support these fair and just life bills. Contact
Information can be found:

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